HD Laser Scanning

There has been a great increase in the use of HD Laser scanning and a growing interest in ‘Scan-to-BIM’ over recent years. SurvaTec has been at the forefront of innovation every step of the way, using the latest equipment and developing best practice methodologies in the field (and back at the office) to deliver the level of detail our clients have come to expect.

While the primary focus of our BIM methodology is on As Built Records on new build projects we have also carried out extensive laser scanning work for historical records prior to the start of works.

For new build projects we provide As Built Models with the greatest level of detail and accuracy; our clients then carry these forward adding value to the projects and integrating flawlessly with facilities management further down the line.

Refurbishment and renovation requires a very different approach from the BIM perspective than new build. On a typical project we record billions of points covering every detail and then use that information to create highly accurate models for our clients to start designing from.

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